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Right Arrow Response to Daily Post article on MRSA figures
13 November 2007 at 12:46
In response to the article in Monday’s Liverpool Daily Post in which it states “Southport & Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust has already recorded enough cases to exceed its annual expected level”, we believe this needs to be put into context.

Dr Geraldine Boocock, Director of infection control, said, “In the six years that figures have had to be reported we have consistently had among the lowest number of cases of MRSA in the country and for a number of years we had the lowest rate. Because of our excellent record, the Department of Health has set us a very challenging annual target of just 10 cases a year; the lowest target for any acute hospital in the country.

“The Daily Post reports that in the first quarter of this year we were 233% over our target. The target for that period was three cases; the Trust reported six cases. It should also be noted that although the infections are reported by the Trust, it does not necessarily mean that the infection was acquired whilst the patient was in the Trust and infections coming from the community and other sources are included in our figures.

“More importantly, we believe this reporting is scaremongering and we are disappointed that just using a percentage without putting numbers against that percentage gives the wrong impression and might frighten our patients.

“Although we have not yet officially reported the most recent figures, indications suggest that in the last three months, there has only been one case.

“Each case of MRSA is carefully examined to see if it could be prevented. For example, in 2006/07 a small number of cases were believed to be related to drips (which 70% of patients have) and as a result a new care plan was introduced which meant that all drips were either removed or replaced after 72 hours. Since this introduction, we have not had a single case relating to this important medical treatment.

“If patients who are due for admission to our hospitals have any concerns about MRSA, they are welcome to contact our Infection Control Team, as the last thing we want is for a patient to not get vital treatment because of unnecessary fears.”


Issued by Matthew King, Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust.

Enquiries to: Matthew King Tel: 01704 704714