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Right Arrow Norovirus warning for hospital visitors
24 October 2017 at 15:21
Visitors are being asked to stay away from hospital if they have recently suffered from vomiting or diarrhoea.

Norovirus, the winter vomiting bug, is circulating in the community and one case was confirmed this week at Southport and Formby District General Hospital.

A number of beds on wards 7A and 10A have been temporarily closed to new admissions as a precaution.

Andrew Chalmers, Deputy Director of Infection Prevention and Control, said: “Instances of diarrhoea and vomiting are always investigated when they occur in hospital. As a precaution we may close bays within wards while we investigate the cause, which is usually due to a patient’s medical condition rather than infection.

“Coming to hospital as a visitor when you are poorly with sickness and diarrhoea risks spreading germs to patients and staff. Please stay away unless it is absolutely necessary. If a visit is essential, please telephone the ward manager first.”

Symptoms of norovirus include a sudden onset of vomiting and/or diarrhoea. Some people may have a temperature, headache and stomach cramps.

The illness usually resolves in one or two days and there are no long-term effects. If you are affected, stay at home, drink plenty of fluids, wash your hands after using the toilet and prior to eating, and clean or disinfect contaminated surfaces.

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