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Right Arrow Rescheduled appointments for planned operations and follow-ups
03 January 2018 at 14:22
There has been significant media coverage of a national announcement about the rescheduling of planned operations and follow-up outpatients appointments to enable hospitals to focus on emergency cases.

- We are reviewing our surgical lists and outpatient appointments

- There is no need for you to call the hospital to check. If we reschedule an operation or outpatient appointment then we always contact the patient/their family directly

- Therefore if you have not heard from us then please attend as planned for your procedure, as indicated. If you have any further queries about your appointment then please contact the number on your letter

- We will be keeping the situation under review, but we will always contact patients/their families directly if any operation or appointment needs to be rescheduled so that our staff can deal with the large number of emergency cases we are currently seeing.

- Urgent medical cases and cancer treatment are NOT affected. Please attend as planned