Southport & Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust Purpose Statement:


The Trust is passionate about ensuring that it not only retains its current patient base but seeks to expand it.

Our Philosophy of ‘Providing Safe, Clean and Friendly Care’ represents the values and achievements of our staff which determines the principles upon which the Trust is managed and the qualities and standards that our patients and their relatives have a right to expect from us at all times.

The Trust places the same high priority on meeting it’s financial targets as it does on responding to patients needs in terms of standards of treatment and care. Financial balance, quality services and environment are not mutually exclusive and the Trusts pledges to deliver both to the highest achievable standard within the resources available to us.


You have an absolute right to expect that in visiting the Trust or being treated here, you will be free from harm. In pursuing this objective the Trust promises:-

  • To achieve the highest possible Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts (CNST) rating in all areas of its operation which ensures clinical risks are reduced to a minimum by the way in which we deliver care to you.
  • To work hard to minimise the amount of time you have to spend in hospital in line with best practice benchmarks.
  • To comply fully with the requirements of the Healthcare Commission and the HSE.
  • To possess a robust risk management system that responds to complaints and incidents and actively learns from its mistakes.
  • To provide the highest levels of security within the resources available.
  • To provide you with staff who are qualified, professional, caring and who are aware of the Trust’s policies and procedures.



You have an absolute right to expect to be treated and cared for in accommodation that is modern, fit for purpose and clean. You should have no worries about the cleanliness of equipment, wards and departments or staff. In pursuing this objective the Trust promises:-

  • To convey to all staff the importance of hygiene and the following of protocol in relation to cleanliness.
  • To retain our market leadership amongst District General Hospitals in England for the lowest MRSA figures.
  • To maintain our buildings and equipment in an excellent state as measured by the annual PEAT scores.
  • To respond promptly to feedback from patients and visitors regarding cleanliness.
  • To continue to regard all staff, but in particular domestic staff, as essential and trained members at the front line of combating infection.
  • To ensure that the Control of Infection Team continually update the action plan to reduce infection.


You have an absolute right to expect all staff at the Trust to be polite, courteous, helpful and approachable at all times. In pursuing this objective the Trust promises:-

  • To treat patients and relatives with respect and expect a similar level in return.
  • To develop systems of patient and visitor feedback and to publish the action we are taking in response to this feedback
  • To train front line staff, in customer care methods.
  • To maintain our reputation for friendliness in all our patient contacts
  • To provide information honestly, openly and from a variety of different sources.
  • To deal swiftly with instances where you feel we have not met this standard.